Bogolan Tapestry - Dambe
Bogolan Tapestry - Dambe

Bogolan Tapestry - Dambe

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A heavier African Bogolan / Mudcloth with a simple design to hang on the wall or use as a throw. It is mud colored, with handstitched seams and hand knotted fringes. Thicker and wider than most of the mudcloths.
Made in the traditional way, locally grown cotton woven in strips which were then sewn together, then mudcltoh dyed. Originating from Mali, West Africa, Bogolan is a traditional African pattern usually dyed on cotton fabric with fermented mud ink. This tapestry is made from authentic made in Mali Bogolan.
Size: 183 cm x 122 cm / 6 ft x 4 ft.
Material: 100% Bio Local Coton
Care Method: Keep in Dry Environment, Not washable